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A forasking romance in favor of quest...
A charming woman professor, exercising critical questioning into an enigmatic journey throughout past, present and future engaged in clearness of challenging questions, posed by students as well writers that are responded with careful details onto a process where all characteres are thrown into action rather than leaving them as mere spectators of a romance.

A unique perspective of a concise, logical narrative with overhelming influence on English grammar that includes as much information as it can within a minimum amount of space.

Much subtler and more artistic, and told with singular skill through the juxtaposed narratives of the several characters, FEMALE, was either made realistically intense by dose consistently fidelity to English history except in the one supernatural direction which the characteres cast altogether in the realm of phantasy, teaching and amusing for itself.

Knowledge and Dare are the writer’s forewords on every page.

Learning and Awareness are the reader’s constructive assumption onto the pages, inviting for considerantions about own’s idiom knowledge.

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