The Egyptian Translators and Linguists' Association (ETLA)

Our mission
The mission of the Egyptian Translators and Linguists' Association( ETLA) is to achieve a revival in the field of translation and language in Egypt and create an elite of qualified translators who appreciate the value of translation, cope with scientific developments, and are aware of the changes that take place in the world, in order to achieve such revival

Our Vision
ETLA's vision is that the reasons for the regression that we currently undergo are social, economic and cultural isolation, and the decline
of the translation profession. But all these negative factors do not acquit the translator who has lost his identity and status and, as a result, societal respect; hence, the translation profession has become one of the careers that are difficult to assess. Therefore, the Association's vision is based on the need to restore the translator's prestige within the intellectual and cultural arena. This can only happen through competent translators qualified under international professional standards. Hence, the translator will be able to create a new reality for himself and his profession in a society that recognize his high-level role.

Plans and Strategies
ETLA has laid down plans based on the fundamentals of strategic planning, through phased plans which achieve its objectives on both short and long runs.
The main feature which distinguishes these plans is the application of scientific methods in planning, through the realistic assessment of resources and challenges. ETLA also takes the expected changes into consideration, and draws up its plans on the basis of flexible and well-studied application. The current plans are not inflexible, but they can be modified and developed according to changing circumstances. ETLA's members are those who determine the goals and methods of implementing the plans, through their experience and positions...

ETLA's Structure:
An elected board of directors manages the Association through its members who work on implementing the ETLA's objectives, doing their best to achieve the interest of the members and the society.
The decision makers, planners and those implementing plans are the ETLA members. This means that thought, strategic planning, and application are not exclusive to a certain member, as the Association belongs to all its members, and its management is mainly based on collective consultation and assessment.

According to the ETLA's mission and objectives, membership is accessible to those working in fields of translation, language, those involved in this career and students, as well as creators and intellectuals. The translator is in need to the linguist who maintains the rules of language amidst the new expressions and terms which the translator transmits. The translator conveys up-to-date terms to the linguist who, in turn, sets them in the language's structure. The translator conveys to his society new terms, expressions and ideas which come from other societies. What he conveys may find a fertile ground in his country. If the reader is a creator, the cultural movement will flourish and bear fruit.

ETLA's Political and Intellectual Trends
ETLA does not represent any political, partisan or sectarian category. It respects law and works under its umbrella. It takes its members away from disunity resulted from political, ideological or partisan classification. However, it respects their personal freedom and does not impose any kind of restrictions on them. It is noteworthy to restate that ETLA should not be exploited or inclined towards a certain attitude of any individual or entity

ETLA's Financial Resources
ETLA works under the Egyptian law regarding its resources of funding, and at the same time does not resort to any other resource of funding such as entities or individuals, that may enable them to have an upper hand, in order to avert their domination. Therefore, the most important resource of funding is the subscriptions of the Association's members, and the returns of its activities. Available financial resources as well as their sufficiency during growth stages of ELTA and its activities are carefully considered to ensure their continuity and growth.

What Distinguishes the ELTA from Other Comparable Entities?
ELTA is a non-profit institution, seeking to create a comprehensive language and translation revival. It aims to benefit the translator and linguist, as well as the translation industry and the whole society. ELTA is an entity through which efforts of translators, linguists, and creators are collectively combined, exchanging their experiences and skills.
Thus, ETLA practices direct communication between broader sectors of distinguished categories which can benefit each other regarding information, knowledge, skills and capabilities. ELTA realizes the significant role of the translator and linguist as parts of their society in achieving revival and their huge responsibilities toward their nation. Therefore, it tries to benefit the society through the capabilities, skills, and potentialities of the translator and the linguist.
ELTA is not an entity that is concerned with a particular category, but is concerned with all translators and others involved in the translation profession. Hence, it seeks to lead a total revival in translation. Therefore, it is equally concerned with the translator and the society so that the translator's rights may not become mere a scream in the society which does not appreciate the translator's prestige.

ETLA Activities and Service
ETLA activities include: training courses and for translators and linguists in the fields of translation and other sciences that serve the translation profession and its development. In addition, ETLA presents educational seminars to link the translator with the world changes and its events. It organizes conferences and workshops in various fields related to translation, language and creativity, and it offers professional promotion for the translator locally and internationally.
It also supports individual projects, particularly those related to the development of translation and publication of works. It also upholds the interests of the members and their profession, coordinates their efforts, and creates areas of cooperation between them and bodies or institutions concerned with their interests. In addition, it is establishing an information centre, translation services, and preparing for publishing a manual guide of translators in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Moreover, it exchanges experience with prestigious academies and
institutions at home and abroad to promote the expertise of members, and put them in a distinguished position within the translation industry system.
Accreditation Policy
ETLA accredits those proved to have expertise in practicing translation as a profession and relevant linguistic activities according to the highest standards applied worldwide, which are recognized by academic bodies, international organizations and ancient prestigious entities... Therefore, the ELTA has strict conditions imposed on a translator to be accredited. The most important prerequisite is to pass the accreditation test. This test is designed according to academic assessment standards applied in this field, in collaboration with distinguished institutions, academic institutes, and international associations specialized in translation, language, and relevant sciences.
ELTA Commissions

• Supreme Advisory Commission.
• Membership and Registration Commission.
• Testing and Accreditation Commission.
• Training and Human Resource Development Commission.
• Language and Literature Commission.
• Information and Documentation Commission.
• Media and Publishing Commission.
• Creativity and Translation Commission.
• Community and Environment Services Commission.
• Legal Affairs Commission

• Social Services Commission
• Proposals and Complaints Commission.

ELTA Centre for Education and Development
Through the Centre for Education and Development CED, its leading project, ETLA aims to use techniques of modern science and simple communication methods in organizing education and training courses through broadcasted and published seminars, lectures and courses. It also contains an electronic reference library that benefits researchers and scholars in fields such as language and translation. This centre will abide by academic standards and international quality control systems.

Contact Us

• Headquarter: 1101, Cornice el-Nil Garden City, Cairo, Egypt
• Administrative office: Sheikh Yusuf square, third floor - flat No. 7.- Garden City, Cairo, Egypt
• Tel- Fax: - 00202 - 27927925 - Mobile: 00202- 010 303 6820

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