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8 Response to "ENGLISH TASK-CONTEST 14.00"

  1. The English is a language universal than us may give wing.

    Lenise Évelyn Wrublak says:

    Never let your drems die because life without drems is like a bird whith a broken wing.

    Lenise Évelyn Wrublak says:

    Never let dreams die because life without dreams is like a bird a boken wing

    The love is like a rose, is born small, becomes large, and when it is wonderful, dies, leaving only dried petals, as if they were memories.

    Marcela Santos Neiva, turma 14:00

    Isadora Rodrigues Silvy says:

    I want my brothers is at home,because they are in hospital!!

    Isadora Rodrigues Silvy says:

    Moonlight is beautiful, shines all night,and then comes the sun!

    isadora rodrigues silvy says:

    life is perfect, just enjoy livin.

    Isadora Rodrigues says:

    Olá professor Luis
    aqui é a Isa que fazia aula com o sr. no horário das 14:00 ás 14:45...Queria saber quando irão voltar as aulas,pois vou me mudar de turno no meu colégio.

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